Who is managing Hitex?

  • Hitex recruited two high level specialists with high educational degrees, extensive experience in debt and company restructuring, banking business, debt purchasing and collection with proved successful previous experiences in management of multicultural teams.

  • Jean LIEURY is an engineer in electronics and IT by education with a 26 year experience in banking business within Société Générale group. He has an extensive experience as a corporate retail and consumer finance banker. He successfully held a position of CEO in SG regulated subsidiary in Portugal and due to his high experience in crisis management was appointed for 5 years as Regional Director for all banks in Run Off in consumer finance business where strong experience was demanded.

  • Didier LEVI is graduated in Finance from Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris ( “Sciences-Po Paris”), in France, along with a master in Business Law in Sorbonne University. He has got a 25 year extensive experience in audit, trouble shooting management, corporate restructuring and collection reshuffling in KPMG, HSBC (regulated in UK), Cetelem (regulated in Russia) and Société Générale (regulated in France) as well. He occupied several positions as CFO/CEO in Corporate Recovery missions or as a locally dedicated CEO in France, Russia or Baltics for banks and consumer finance institutions.