What is our business?

  • Hitex believes that there is a market in Hungary and in all Eastern Europe for buying debt at discounted prices from financial institutions due to economic situation in Europe and current geostrategic uncertainties.

  • Market is new, growing, about 60 billion euros in size in the sole Eastern/Central Europe, spread on more than 100 significant banks (and numerous small financial institutions) to be focused on at first stage.
  • Hitex is currently focusing its strategy on Hungary itself as its main entry point in Eastern Europe, Baltics and CIS where the debt market is booming and even more in the current “shaky” context.

  • Debt portfolios are booked at purchase price creating no further credit risk.

  • Hitex recruited a dedicated and very specialized team. Hitex will carry on investing on highly qualified human resources.

  • Hitex develops and uses its own IT tools for collection, being independent of any provider and containining IT costs.

  • Hitex purchases several kinds of good/bad debt from institutions with stronger appetite for consumer finance loans, credit card loans, car loans, leasing and corporate loans.

  • Thanks to its license valid in all EU and unlike pure bad debt collectors active on the market, Hitex also purchases good outstanding from foreign credit institutions willing to exit local markets.

  • Cash flows in this business are high and yields are currently from far better than in stock exchange, bonds or real estate in liquid European markets. Hitex believes that this situation will last for many years at least creating a lot of high yield opportunities.