What about team and tools?

  • Beyond both managers, the team consists of 20 people in Hungary, highly professional in debt purchase analysis and operational collection at all stages, from soft to legal including hard and field collection.

  • All the team has been focusing on collection issues for at least five years and is made from  professional collectors able to manage every cycle in collection including disposal of seized assets.

  • Hitex developed and now manages its own collection IT tool (ODS) independently of any provider. Doing so, the company is able to adapt quickly to any market and local process to be created or modified. This is a key point to reach faster the highest cash back level when a new investment is made, either in Hungary or abroad.

  • As Hitex buys good and bad debt outstanding as well, the team is trained as to reach the same efficiency in managing good clients in all CRM aspects for credits and credit cards on the one hand,  any kind of pledge (car, real estate, guarantors,…) on the other hand.

  • Management is definitely cash back oriented meaning that the cash back results of every operator from soft to legal is assessed in a very strict manner on a weekly basis to achieve the best possible cash back results.

  • Hitex is a flexible and target oriented structure able to modify and improve its processes in a highly reactive way. Hitex is specialized in financial debt collection and able to secure a high level of cash flow from far above what general collectors working also debt on utilities or real estate are used to reach.

  • A “reserve” of high level profiles in collection organization and management with perfect commands in English, Romanian and Russian languages is already available for future projects all over Eastern Europe.